Omega Seamaster and Seamaster Planet Ocean watches are two kinds identical watch collection, both of them get a fair amount of attention for good reason. First of all, it's a high-end sport watch and the allure of "desk diving." When it originally released in 2005, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean were praised as a more durable, high-end range of divers meant to compete with timepieces such as the Rolex Submariner.
A curved crystal and reflective elements on the dial on purpose. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is also an extremely capable professional dive watch, but is a bit cockier in its demeanor. It wants to show off a bit and demands attention. If you choose to wear an Omega Planet Ocean exclusively while diving or during other intense activity it will complain that you two never go out for drinks anymore.
Omega has also really made an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean for everyone. It's only truly complete on the matching metal bracelet. Having said that I really so also like the strap. Surely you can have the watch with both, but at this time there isn't a quick strap changing system that some other brands such as IWC have been building into their watches. I only say this because in the future it would be great if Omega made it more convenient to seamlessly go from a strap to a bracelet.
Perhaps the biggest complaint most people have about the inexpensive replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean collection is the thickness of the case. If I had any complaints it would really be only that. The case isn't inordinately thick, nor do I feel it is at all disproportionate. Most of the time I even like the heft on my wrist, but having said that I find that when a sport watch has a slightly lower profile I tend to wear it just a bit more often. Some people even complain about the modern Rolex Submariner being too thick